AC Installation Phoenix is a must for hot Arizona summers and year-round comfort. But if your air conditioner is getting old or failing to operate at its optimal performance, it may be time for a new unit. There are more options on the market today than ever before that could reduce your bills and optimize the cooling of your home. If you’re unsure what to do next, read up on the air conditioning process and what to do next.

Do I Need an AC Installation Phoenix?

AC Installation PhoenixAir conditioners need to be serviced regularly to extend the system’s life and keep it in top shape. However, air conditioners get old, and there’s no way to live comfortably without one in Phoenix.

If you notice your air conditioner losing its energy efficiency, it would be time for a new installation. You may also find you’re continually servicing your old unit and spending thousands a year on repairs. At some point, it’s more expensive to keep servicing your old AC unit than replace it and install a new one. 

Uneven cooling is also a telltale sign that you need AC installation Phoenix. If parts of your house are freezing and others are lukewarm, there’s an issue with your air conditioning unit. Your energy bills are also likely to be skyrocket by working overtime to cool your uneven rooms.

Even well-maintained air conditioners need to be repaired about every 15 years. However, reports that if an air conditioner is 10-years old, you can save up to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a more recent and more efficient model. Keep an eye on your energy bills and compare them to costs from previous years. If your bills have been increasing year after year, it’s probably time for a new air conditioner.

What is an Air Scrubber?

Are you worried about the health and safety of your home? Whether you have children, pets, or regularly entertain and cook, an Air Scrubber can reduce odors and smoke in the air. It could also help get rid of the microbial populations on surfaces that could lead to contamination and illness.

Air Scrubbers use use ActivePure technology to change the quality of your air. With the help of UV light and photocatalyst target, an oxidation process helps attack contaminants in the air and surfaces. Air Scrubbers could be a solution for your home that offers more peace of mind that you’re staying proactive about your family’s health.

What is a Mini Split?

Mini Split systems are becoming a popular alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Why pay to cool your upstairs bedrooms if no one is using them? Instead, you can focus on cooling the areas you use most or as needed. Lincoln Air offers ductless and ducted heating systems that focus on individual rooms and living spaces.

Mini Split air conditioners typically offer better air quality and are energy efficient. Your energy bills will likely decrease as your home feels fresher than ever. Learn more about how Mini Splits work and how they keep your home comfortable here.

Are Financing Options Available?

Yes! Lincoln Air offers financing assistance for your AC installation Phoenix. Rates start at 1.99%, and you only pay back what you spend. Credit limits are also provided up to $55,000 for a stress-free experience at the lowest possible interest rates. Our goal is to repair or install your new air conditioner as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What Are the Next Steps?

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