AC Replacement and Installation Phoenix

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Are you considering an AC replacement and installation Phoenix? Depending on the issue, a simple repair could be all you need to get your HVAC running correctly. A complete replacement could also end up being more cost-efficient if it lowers your energy bills in the process. Here’s how to know if your AC is having a problem, what’s causing it, and the next steps.

Warm Air

It’s frustrating when the summer heat picks up, and your air conditioner is blowing warm air. If your unit is new, it could be the wrong size for your unit. Other issues could include a damaged thermostat and clogged filters. A quick repair is a possible solution; however, warm air could also signify that your air conditioning unit is aging and needs to be replaced. 

Uneven Cooling

Uneven cooling often points to zone control problems. If your air conditioning system allows you to shut off airflow to particular rooms, it could be the cause of a faulty room thermostat sensor or dampers.

Lincoln Air often recommends split air or mini air systems. These types of air conditioning units control the temperature in each room or zone. You can run your split system just in your bedroom when it’s hot and leave the rest of the house as-is to save resources. 

High Humidity

High humidity makes your home feel sticky and uncomfortable. When your compressors turn off and on too frequently, your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently enough to remove moisture. The issue could be dirty coils that can’t remove all of the humidity in your home. Adjusting the fan speed or checking the refrigerant could also help solve the problem.

Trying to fix the issue yourself could lead to more problems or a breach of your warranty. Get in touch with AC Replacement and Installation Phoenix to resolve the problem.

Weird Noises

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It’s normal for an HVAC system to make soft humming noises as the fans run and do their work. But if you hear loud buzzing noises, clanking, or other strange sounds, you could be facing a significant problem. Loose parts, refrigerant leaks, or a malfunctioning compressor could all be the culprits.

Contact a repair professional right away. Loose parts in your AC could lead to extensive damage that is costly to repair.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners that take too long to cool down or won’t cool at all could have a refrigerant leak. These leaks can be harmful to your health and lead to refrigerant poisoning. Watch for unexplained symptoms, including difficulty breathing, headaches, skin irritation, and coughing.

Low Pressure

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Low refrigerant pressure will eventually freeze your evaporator coil. When it freezes, the cold liquid refrigerant flows through the line and creates the moisture in the air to freeze. Your HVAC system may work for a while, but compromised levels could lead to significant repairs and a complete system breakdown or replacement.


If your HVAC system is over 10-years old, you are likely due for a complete replacement. A well-maintained system may last a few years longer. However, you’re likely spending too much on your energy bills with an inefficient HVAC system. Don’t wait until your system breaks down completely. It may be time for an AC replacement & installation Phoenix.

Lincoln Air can make recommendations for energy-efficient air conditioners at an affordable price. You may also qualify for energy efficiency tax credits to offset the cost of your new system.

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