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The hottest months of Arizona summer certainly demands an efficient air conditioning system that can not only offer true comfort from the oppressive heat but also make significant savings in the monthly energy bills. When the ACs get old, they need servicing more often. They may also become inefficient, which uses up more energy, leading to a high electricity bill. Worst yet, they may simply stop working while you need them the most. For all such scenarios, our crew at Lincoln Air is ready to handle all of your air conditioning needs and help you to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. We provide all types of AC installation and replacement services in Phoenix, AZ.

You can call on (623) 587-9957 to schedule replacement or installation of an ENERGY STAR rated air conditioning system in Phoenix to avail government tax credit.

We endeavor to recommend the best of the options available for new cooling systems, based on your requirement, comfort, and budget. Our brilliant air conditioning experts help to find the most suitable AC system for your home or office according to your cooling needs. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction or else we are always at your service. We are proud to provide first-rate air conditioning installation services in Phoenix that set the standard of excellence for comfort solutions. We also help you to maintain your new air cooling systems with effective servicing for lasting results. A proper air conditioning installation ensures that your system keeps on operating for many years.

How to determine the correct time for a new air conditioning installation in Phoenix to replace the old AC?

Air Conditioning Installation Phoenix AZ
Is your AC not giving you the cooling you need or has it stopped working completely? Are your monthly electricity bills sky-rocketing? If the answer is yes, then you need to pay attention to your air conditioning system. We, at Lincoln Air, understand that it is pretty difficult to comprehend if your AC requires repairing or replacement. That is the reason, we offer specialty services like getting your system personally assessed by our service specialists so that we can help you to determine the right time for AC replacement in Phoenix. However, if you start facing the below-mentioned difficulties, it is indicative that your AC needs replacing. Get in touch with us immediately for an expert consultation:

Recurrent Repairs

If you had to repair your AC several times in the last couple of years
or your repairing costs were
more than 50% of the value of your system,
then it is the perfect time to search for a
company providing cost-effective air conditioning replacement in Phoenix.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Usually older air conditioning models consume high energy while operating. That can adversely affect you by producing exorbitant energy bills that are hard to pay. Switching to high-efficiency models can reduce energy consumption by almost 25-40%!

Old, Outdated System

ACs have a lifespan of around 10 years. So, if your AC unit is more than 10 years old, then you should consider replacing it. Maintaining an old AC entails the risk of having more
frequent breakdowns, costlier parts, and increasing repair costs.

Poor Or Uneven Cooling

If your air conditioner is leaving warm spots around your home, or your cooling system is running continuously to keep up with your comfort needs, then it is the ideal time to buy a new AC as repairing might not be a viable option in such a situation.
A new AC installation in Phoenix is, no doubt, a very expensive and important investment. With the right and trustworthy partner to guide you the way, it can become completely hassle-free for you. You can count on us to provide you with an honest assessment of your situation so that you are free to choose the best option that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Why should you choose us for all your air conditioning installation and replacement requirements in Phoenix?

We offer all kinds of air conditioning replacement and installation in Phoenix since we do not wish you to endure the sweltering heats of Arizona summer. Above that, we provide:

1. Comprehensive Advice
2. Free Estimates
3. Financing
4. Expert Installation

1. Comprehensive Advice: Whether you decide to buy a new AC or replace the old unit, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, there is a myriad of options available, from which you can choose. We endeavor to provide complete guidance by walking you through them so that you can make the correct choice.

2. Free Estimates: We work in tandem with you to understand your requirements by discussing in detail your residential or business cooling needs and suggest the best AC unit for you. Not just that, we also provide free estimates for your preferred product and services that will easily fit in your budget.

3. Financing: We understand that new air conditioning installation and replacement in Phoenix is a costly affair. That is the reason, we provide flexible financing solutions that allow you to get the AC unit you need. Be assured, that a high-efficiency system will pay for itself over time in terms of energy savings and reduced energy bills. Hence, opting for financing can prove to be a cost-effective measure to buy it immediately.

4. Expert Installation: We provide services for all makes & brands in the Phoenix Metro area. We are a team of highly experienced and skilled HVAC technicians who have the expertise to deliver best-in-class installation services.

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At Lincoln Air, we always make an effort to put your comfort first. Our dedication to work, commitment to timelines, and reputation as the finest HVAC contractors providing superior air conditioning replacement and installation in Phoenix, AZ make us the company that all the residents of Phoenix, AZ can rely on for all their air conditioning service need. If you are interested, do give us a chance to show you the reasons for which we are considered the top-rated air conditioning installation company in Phoenix by getting in touch with us today!

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