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Arizona’s hottest summer months demand an efficient air conditioning system. You need a combination of cool comfort and energy savings.

When your air conditioning system gets old,  they typically need regular maintenance and periodic repairs. They also being to lose their energy efficiency that could negatively impact your electricity bill. 

To keep your air conditioning running reliably and efficiently, the team at Lincoln Air is ready to handle all of your air conditioning needs. We can also help you upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. We provide all types of AC installation and replacement services in Phoenix, AZ.

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Call Lincoln Air at (623) 587-9957 to schedule your replacement or installation of an ENERGY STAR rated air conditioning system in Phoenix. Ask us about available tax credits.

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Lincoln Air always recommends the best options available for new cooling systems. Based on your requirements, comfort, and budget, our air conditioning experts will help find the most suitable AC system for your home or office. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction. No matter what!

Lincoln Air is proud to provide the best air conditioning installation services in Phoenix. We also offer regular maintenance services to extend the longevity and efficiency of your systems. A proper air conditioning installation ensures that your system keeps on operating for many years.

How to determine when you need a new air conditioning installation in Phoenix to replace your old AC?

Are you hot even when your AC is on? Is it not working efficiently, or sometimes at all? Are your monthly electricity bills sky-rocketing?

If the answers are YES, you need a performance inspection of your air conditioning system. At Lincoln Air, we offer specialty services, including a  professional assessment of your HVAC or air conditioning systems to determine your needs. Get in touch with us immediately for an expert consultation.

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If you experience any of the following, contact us today for a FREE AC assessment.

Recurrent Repairs

You may need a new AC if you’ve experienced recurrent repairs over the last few years with repair costs of more than 50% of the value of your system.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Rising energy bills could mean your air cooling and air conditioning systems need maintenance or replacement.

Old, Outdated System

Older HVAC systems, with or without ongoing maintenance, may be outdated and require more extensive repairs or replacement.

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Poor Or Uneven Cooling

Are some parts of your home nice and cool and others too warm to enjoy? You may need a new AC installation. We offer hassle-free installation and service to provide a seamless process to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Contact us to schedule your AC replacement or installation service in Phoenix.

Are you facing an emergency breakdown of your AC?

Call our emergency AC service personnel as soon as possible. We are here to help!

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 Why should you Lincoln Air for your air conditioning installation and replacement requirements in Phoenix?

Lincoln Air offers ongoing air conditioning replacement and installation in Phoenix. We also proudly provide:

1. Comprehensive Advice

Whether you decide to buy a new AC or replace the old unit, you have options for your residential and commercial systems. We are here to offer comprehensive advice and insights to make the best choice for your situation and budget. 

2. Free Estimates

We work to determine the best air conditioning systems for your home, workplace, and budget with a no-obligation, free estimates.

3. Financing

We understand that a new air conditioning system can prove expensive. That’s why Lincoln Air provides flexible financing solutions to meet your needs.  Rest assured a high-efficiency system will pay for itself over time with energy savings.

4. Expert Installation

We service all makes & brands in the Phoenix Metro area. Lincoln Air’s highly experienced and skilled HVAC technicians have the expertise to deliver best-in-class installation services.

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At Lincoln Air, we make every effort to put your comfort first. We are dedicated, committed, and proud to serve our customers with superior air conditioning replacement and installation in Phoenix, AZ. Get in touch to discuss your air conditioning and HVAC needs in Phoenix, Arizona today!

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