AC Replacement Phoenix

No matter how efficient and well-maintained your HVAC system is, you’ll need AC Replacement Phoenix to keep your home and business cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance can help keep your expenses lower and assess when your system needs to be replaced. You may be able to extend the life of your unit by a few years, or save more in energy costs by upgrading to a more efficient system. 

Turn to AC Replacement Phoenix to assess your needs and come up with cost-effective solutions that keep you comfortable and safe. Do you know the signs for a failing AC unit? Here’s how to know if you need services from the best AC installation company Phoenix.

Routine AC Maintenance 

Commercial AC Installation Phoenix Lincoln AirAn affordable AC tune-up service could resolve your HVAC issue or extend the life of your current HVAC system. Lincoln Air will inspect your AC and determine whether or not you need a replacement. Our expert technicians will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solution. It may be cheaper for you to replace your HVAC than deal with skyrocketing electricity bills by running an inefficient AC unit.

We’re thorough with our assessment of your HVAC. Lincoln Air uses a list 19 different checkpoints to maintain and service your air conditioning system. Here are a few of the services we offer to optimize your HVAC unit.

Check, adjust, and change refrigerant level as needed

Issues with your refrigerant levels may create conditions that cause your air conditioner to fail. Eventually, your compressor will over-compensate to try and cool down your home. Compressor repairs get expensive quickly. Don’t wait until the issue escalates. Contact Lincoln Air to explore the best AC replacement Phoenix.

Check electrical connections

Inefficient electrical connections could lead to bad fuses, a capacitor, or a thermostat. These issues could lead to a dangerous situation in your home or business. Don’t wait or try to assess the situation on your own. Call the team at Lincoln Air to assess the problem as quickly as possible. 

Verify your home’s cooling & heating output and airflow 

Inconsistent output and airflow leads to frustration and discomfort. Whether you’re running a business and need to keep your customers cool or are too hot in your own house, the team at. Lincoln Air can help. You may need a replacement unit to deal with the output and airflow issues. 

A total air conditioning replacement may not be as expensive as you think. You could be eligible for a tax credit when installing an ENERGY STAR-rated system. Contact Lincoln Air for more info.

New AC Installations

Bob Lincoln of Lincoln AirOld HVAC units that are 10-years-old may start to break-down and start to run poorly. Regardless of its age, newer systems are more efficient than ever before. Lincoln Air offers a variety of air conditioning systems, including Split and Mini Split and can be a superior alternative to a traditional HVAC system. Lincoln Air’s ductless and ducted cooling and heating systems focus on individual rooms and living spaces. Other systems take a central system’s one-size fits all approach to heating and cooling your rooms.

A mini split system is more energy-efficient, flexible, and simple to install. It’s easy to understand why ductless (or zoned) systems are the fastest growing segment of the American air-conditioning and heating market.

Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix Financing

Dealing with costly repairs or a new air conditioning install can cause a financial strain on your personal finances or business operating costs. We offer financing options to ease the burden and create a sustainable plan.

Why Choose Lincoln Air

Lincoln Air offers decades of experience with sustainable, cost-saving solutions for our customers. We help restore, repair and install new systems to keep your home feeling comfortable year-round. Ready to schedule your next service? Contact Lincoln Air to discuss AC replacement Phoenix at 623-587-9957.