Air Conditioning Replacement Phoenix

Air Conditioning Replacement Phoenix can transform your home or business to keep it cool, comfortable, and inviting year-round. The right air conditioner can also lower your energy bills and even help you sleep better and possibly improve your health. Before you book your next appoint, learn about some of the services we offer to maximize your budget and resources.

AC Maintenance and Check-Ups

Commercial AC Installation Phoenix Lincoln AirAC maintenance and check-ups keep you and your family safe and healthy. The eldery and children are especially vulnerable to hot temperatures and staying indoors too long. If you run a business, an inefficient HVAC system can also lead to issues including Sick Building Syndrome and leave your employees and clients at risk. The syndrome can also lead to a loss of productivity and revenue.

Here’s what to expect from our AC maintenance and repair services:

  • Trained and experienced in the latest HVAC technology and best practices
  • Participated in regular and preventative maintenance on commercial HVAC equipment
  • Holds expertise in working on all facets of commercial HVAC service
  • Trained and experienced in commercial HVAC installation
  • Ability to project an ROI (return on investment) and thorough cost analysis
  • Professional who understand commercial HVAC air quality solutions

New Air Conditioner Installation

Residential Contractors HVAC PhoenixYou can extend the lifespan of your air conditioner with regular check-ins and minor repairs. Simply changing out filters and replacing minimal parts can prove inexpensive and offer an impressive ROI in the long-run.

However, there is a point where continuing to fix your air conditioning no longer makes sense. Most air conditioning systems last around 12-years, and may need to be replaced at any time around the 10-year mark. If you’re experiencing frozen coils, leaking fluid, or popping noises, you need to schedule an immediate repair. 

The good news is that a new air conditioner can immediately reduce your utilities and provide tax credits, depending on the system you chose and if it’s energy-efficient. The team at Lincoln Air can walk through financing options and possible credits by switching to an ENERGY STAR-rated system. Contact Lincoln Air for more information.

An air conditioning replacement Phoenix is an ideal opportunity to explore new options,  including Split and Mini Split. The systems cool a specific area or zone of your home while a different room can be set at a different temperature. You end up with optimal temperatures in your home or business and can potentially lower your energy bills at the same time. Unlike other systems, split systems help your home or business run as efficiently as possible.

Air Quality Improvements

AC repair PhoenixSpending so much time indoors makes it a necessity to get regular AC maintenance and repair. According to the EPA, people spend 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than outside concentration! When your health is at risk of ingesting pollutants, you need Air Scrubber technology to help keep you safe. Our team can help guide you through options, including the Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus substantially reduces odors, visible smoke in the air, and microbial populations on surfaces.

The Air Scrubber utilizes the patent-pending ActivePure Technology. ActivePure uses a special UV light and photocatalyst target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process that contains several friendly oxidizers. The Technology continuously protects and purifies the air and attacks contaminants on surfaces, making it perfect for family homes. 

Get AC Repair & Installation Phoenix

Homeowners and businesses only have so much time and resources to figure out their HVAC issues. Now is the time to turn to the experts to get the help you deserve. Contact Lincoln Air today at 623-587-9957 and discuss your air conditioner needs, financing options, and next steps for Air Conditioning Replacement Phoenix.