Commercial AC Installation Phoenix

You already factor in payroll, travel, and utilities into your everyday business expenses. But commercial AC installation Phoenix is also a necessary part of keeping your business running smoothly. When you ignore the warning signs of a faulty air conditioner, you’ll end up with costly repairs and maintenance issues. Your failing HVAC could also lead to a domino effect that negatively impacts your business. Here’s how.

1. You’re Losing Business

Phoenix businesses that are hot and uncomfortable will lose customers quickly. A poor performing HVAC directly leads to loss of foot traffic and revenue potential. Even warm conditions inside your business will also create high turnover with employees who can’t take working in the heat. 

2. You Want to Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC 

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Extend the life of your AC equipment with regular maintenance and promptly attending to any issues. Your technician will recommend a replacement unit if you’re facing continuous and costly repairs. You’ll also find a new HVAC system that will also offer efficient air output and flow and ultimately lowers your overall energy costs.

3. Your Operating Costs Are Skyrocketing

Your heating and cooling systems quickly drive up your utilities and operating costs. Your failing HVAC needs to work overtime to compensate and keep your business cool. Some regular maintenance or repairs could help. It may be necessary to work with commercial AC installation Phoenix to replace your unit. The experts at Lincoln Air offer the best quality service at a reasonable rate and offer financing.

4. You’re Concerned About Health

Faulty wires, broken parts, or hazardous leaks are all common issues with failing HVAC systems. Beyond the safety of your system, your employees’ and customers’ health could also be at risk. Inefficient systems could eventually lead to upper respiratory problems and filtration. Poorly filtered HVAC systems are among the primary causes of sick building syndrome. The result is unhappy employees, loss of productivity, and a decrease in revenue.

5. You Smell Something Burning

If you’re smelling burning odors and aromas, your HVAC could be the issue and pose a safety risk. Even if you find the problem isn’t significant, customers will unlikely want to do business in a building that smells like burning and chemicals.

6. You Need to Keep Your Warranty Current

Your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty likely stipulates that you need regular maintenance to stay current. Lincoln Air works to keep your commercial HVAC Phoenix systems working efficiently to extend the lifespan of your equipment as long as possible.

7. Your Indoor Temperature is Inconsistent

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You may notice rooms and floors of your business are cold, and others are lukewarm. Your commercial HVAC system needs attention and could have faulty thermostat sensors. It’s also possible that your dampers may need adjustment. It’s also possible that there’s something more serious going on with your commercial unit that needs immediate repair before further damage incurs.

8. Your HVAC system is Over 10-Years Old

Some well-maintained commercial HVAC systems will last longer than 10-years. However, a decade of use could mean your HVAC will need a complete replacement at any time.

If your HVAC system needs frequent repairs, it’s likely at the end of its lifespan. Keep records of your repairs, warranties, and the age of your units and replacement parts to monitor your HVAC’s health. At times it’s also cheaper to simply replace the system instead of continuing to repair it.

Next Steps to Start Your Commercial AC Installation Phoenix

Lincoln Air helps keep your business up and running with commercial AC installation Phoenix repair, maintenance, and new installations. We also offer financing options to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible. Schedule a service or call Lincoln Air at (623) 5857-9957 to discuss your HVAC needs now.