Commercial HVAC Contractors Phoenix

Businesses need to stay cool in order to remain competitive, keep customers happy, and reduce employee turnover. Hot conditions and broken air conditioners can’t wait. Your business needs Commercial HVAC Contractors Phoenix to keep your company as productive as possible.

Do you know the signs of a failing HVAC? Knowing what to look for could mean the difference between a costly replacement or a simple repair. Here’s what to know before hiring commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix.

Employee Turnover is Increasing

Commercial AC Installation Phoenix Lincoln Air 1If your employees are leaving in droves, the culprit could be uncomfortable working conditions. In today’s labor shortage, you can’t afford to run a business in untenable working conditions. It’s also impossible to run interviews or attract new candidates without a working HVAC. An insufficient air conditioner is a deal-breaker and will cause your most loyal employees look for a new job.

Customers Are Leaving

Customers won’t stick around a hot and uncomfortable business when there are competitors they can turn to. Give your customers the calm and pleasant atmosphere they deserve and earn more business. Prioritizing the comfort of your customers is part of what it takes to be a competitive business owner. 

You’re Worried About Safety

Your HVAC provides pleasant working conditions but is also integral to the safety of your clients and your team. Poorly filtered HVAC systems are among the primary causes of sick building syndrome. Fault HVACs can also lead to dangerous fumes, electrical shortages and other issues. For example, if your employees report burning smells or chemical odors, your HVAC needs immediate attention to ensure it’s safe.

Your Team Lacks Productivity

If your employees seem unmotivated, the issue could be the heat and poor atmosphere in the office. Diminished productivity rises as your employees are faced with being uncomfortable all day. Studies show that workplace productivity drops as much as 4% per degree when temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You Want Your HVAC to Last

AC repair PhoenixA commercial HVAC system is an investment in your company and should be protected as an asset. You can extend its life as long as possible with ongoing maintenance and immediate repairs. Even the most minor issues could lead to rising electricity bills and long-term damage. Ask the team at Lincoln Air about efficient mini-split systems and our commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix.

Your Business Operating Costs are Rising

If your operating costs are rising, the issue could be a poor HVAC system. Your utility bills will increase, and your HVAC will break down faster without ongoing maintenance. You also risk employee productivity and dissatisfaction, which could call for more meetings and longer work hours. Commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix could help lower your expenses and keep your business running more efficiently.

Your Indoor Temperature is Sporadic

An office with warm rooms in one area and an ice-cold environment in the other could signify that your HVAC needs immediate repair. The team at Lincoln Air assesses whether or not your thermostat sensors could be faulty or your dampers may need adjustment. There’s also possibly something more serious going on with your commercial unit that needs immediate repair before further damage incurs.

You Need to Keep Your HVAC Warranty Current

Residential Contractors HVAC PhoenixDid you know your HVAC warranty requires compliance to stay active and current? It may require maintenance from a professional team in order to continue protecting your business. Lincoln Air works to keep your commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix working efficiently to extend the lifespan of your equipment as long as possible.

Next Steps for Commercial HVAC Contractors Phoenix

Lincoln Air helps keep your business up and running with commercial HVAC Phoenix repair, maintenance, and new installations. We also offer financing options to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible. Schedule a service or call Lincoln Air at (623) 5857-9957 to discuss how our commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix can help.