Do You Need Emergency AC Repair Phoenix

AC Replacement & Installation PhoenixDo you need Emergency AC Repair Phoenix? There’s no time to wait when the sweltering summer heat invades your home. Soaring temperatures also means the health of you and your family are at risk. You need a working air conditioner to stay comfortable, safe, and healthy. 

There are often some warning signs before your air conditioner completely gives out. Here are some things to watch out for.

Your Vents Are Blowing Warm Air

Warm air blowing into your home makes a hot summer even worse. Your HVAC should always produce cool air when you want it. Warm air could be a sign that your compressor is faulty. Or you could have issues with our air conditioning ducts. The experts at Lincoln Air can assess the issue and determine what type of repairs you need to get your AC working again as quickly as possible.

Your Home is Cooling Unevenly

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An ice cold room may be just what you want during the summer. But if the next room is lukewarm or slightly chilled, there’s an issue with your HVAC that can’t wait and requires emergency AC repair Phoenix.

Your air conditioner is likely freezing up or has ice covering your evaporator. This issue doesn’t resolve itself on its own. If you wait too long to address the problem, it could cause costly repairs or require a total AC replacement. 

Your Home is Humid and Uncomfortable

Your home should feel cool and comfortable throughout the summer heat and beyond. If your home feels humid or sticky while your air conditioner is on fully blast, you may have an issue with the condensate drain. A lack of refrigerant could also be the issue. It’s possible the repair will be relatively minor, but you need an expert team to determine what’s going on with your HVAC system.

You HVAC is Making Odd Noises

AC compressors can suddenly start buzzing loudly and make strange noises. It could be a loose part or a more pressing issue with your AC compressor. It’s also possible that you have a refrigerant leak or a variety of problems happening at the same time. Strange noises could lead to a rippling effect of issues that lead to costly emergency AC repair Phoenix.

The Components Ice Over

Inefficient air flow from your HVAC system could point to ice building up on your air conditioner and components. A frozen coil can lead to additional moisture and a build of even more ice. Depending on the situation, it’s possible to thaw out the components and repair your system. However, you need to act quickly before the issue becomes more complicated and costly.

The Heat Outside is Soaring

thumbnail12Hot, blistering summer days can create a health issue in Phoenix. You’ve probably seen the headlines that heat has caused hundreds of deaths and heat stroke in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Even minor issues could lead to heat stroke or endangerment of your loved ones. 

Call the Lincoln Air team to assess your situation and bring you the relief from the heat you need. Protect yourself and your family from the heat while creating a more comfortable environment at the same time. 

Your HVAC is 10 to 15 Years Old

Sometimes a total air conditioning replacement is necessary no matter how old your unit is. Even replacing a newer unit could save you from skyrocketing energy bills and ongoing, expensive repairs.

However, if your air conditioning isn’t working and your unit is 10 to 15-years old, you likely need a total AC replacement. Waiting too long could mean the difference between a cool and comfortable summer and risking your health.

Do You Need Emergency AC Repair Phoenix?

Don’t risk assessing your HVAC repair needs yourself. You could underestimate the urgency of the situation, which could lead to a true emergency. Contact Lincoln Air today at 623-587-9957 and discuss your air conditioner needs, financing options, and next steps.