We keep on receiving numerous complaints related to HVAC breakdown. So, to simplify things for you here is what to do on your own to save your HVAC equipment, and when do you need to contact an HVAC repair service.

The change in the working of your HVAC equipment can bring along a number of doubts, complaints, and questions. So let’s begin by finding out the prime reasons that are responsible for HVAC breakdown.

There are a large number of causes that can lead HVAC units to its breakdown. However, two of them are major; the first is related to the electric problem and the second with weather issues. These two are responsible for 90% of HVAC breakdown.

Here are the Electric Problems that call for HVAC Repair:

  1. Power Surge: A power surge can break your HVAC equipment permanently. It can pass thousands, even tens of thousands of volts into the wiring of your home. Power surge not only crashes your HVAC but can also break other electric appliances.
    HOW TO SOLVE: To keep your HVAC equipment safe from the Power Surge, you can use an electric fuse or protector.
  2. Wire Connection Sparking: If the main power supplyand HVAC wiring connection are loose, electric sparking might occur. This issue can create a regular interruption in the HVAC’s smooth functioning. If the sparking problem isn’t solved within time, it can become a reason for HVAC breakdown.
    HOW TO SOLVE: First of all, find out the loose wiring and joint that is sparking. Once you detect the spot, tight the joint, or replace the wire with a new one. If you do not have any knowledge related to electric wiring then, you can call the HVAC helpline.
  3. Old Wiring and Expired Switches: If the electric wiring of your house is older than a decade, it can become a reason behind back to back circuit failure. This sudden and repeated circuit failure can break your HVAC equipment.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Rewiring is the only solution to this multiple and regular circuit disruption.

Here are the Weather Issues that call for HVAC Repair in Phoenix:

  1. HVAC’s Weather Dependency:  Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment has a deep relation with the weather. If there is a change in weather conditions, your HVAC equipment will also be affected. So, according to changes in weather, you need to take HVAC safety measures.
    HOW TO SOLVE: To save your HVAC equipment from weather effects, you need to increase the frequency of HVAC cleaning. If usually, you clean them once a month, then during rainy or storm days, you should clean them once every 15 days.
  2. The Weather: You are living in a place like Phoenix; you need to prepare your HVAC appliance for upcoming and ongoing adverse weather condition of the city. Rain, strong winds, severe dust storms accompanied by monsoon can create a number of problems for your HVAC appliances. The dusty storm can fill the HVAC filter with dust, colder weather can freeze the coils, and regular adverse weather can block the drainage pipes. These conditions can force you to call repair services for your HVAC.
    HOW TO SOLVE: You can prepare well for upcoming weather conditions. Whether it is for the striking summers from May to September or the chilling December, you can take steps for the safety of your HVAC equipment.
  3. Dusty Storm: Stormy days may lead toHVAC filter blocking. The tiny dust particles are accompanied by air by an HVAC pump. These tiny particles can get stored at the opening side of the filter and block the air supply. In this condition cleaning of the filter is required.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Follow the instructions printed on the user guide for filter opening. Clean it with air pressure. In case air pressure is not available, you can clean it with a brush temporarily. However, brush cleaning is not much effective, so final cleaning must be with air pressure. By the way, instead of all this, you can call professionals for HVAC repair.
  4. Higher Temperature: During summers, HVAC has to work for longer hours to provide you a comfortable atmosphere. It might lead to some issues such as internal coil freezing and other wear and tear of the moving parts.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Just like your body, your HVAC needs some extra care in summers too. First of all, switch off the appliance when not in use. If you can manage with less controlled room temperature, then shut down HVAC after one or two hours of use.
  5. Heavy Dust: During the thunderstorm, heavy particles of dust fall inside the HVAC appliances by machined holes. These particles can generate unusual noise and break the moving parts.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Cover HVAC appliance outer face and machined holes properly, but don’t cover filter and other air sucking parts. Also, cover external unit of the system which kept in an open environment.

In Addition To These, Here Are Some Other Reasons That Can Cause The Failure Of Your HVAC:

  1. Water leakage: Any leakage in the drainage pipe of the HVAC can lead to problems related to the passing of the current in the body unit.
  2. Lack of maintenance: Lack of maintenance can lead HVAC to its breakdown. That is why you need to call HVAC repair and maintenance services regularly.
  3. Mechanical wear and tear: HVAC has several moving parts like a belt, bearing, mini shafts, etc. The wear and tear in these parts may call for replacement after a specific period.
  4. Burn out: Like any other equipment HVAC system also has a limit of use. It also needs some time to cool down. However, if one uses it without any break, it might reach its burn out limit.

Summing Up

Reasons like these can lead to HVAC breakdown, which is not less than a nightmare in the extreme weather of Phoenix. For this reason, if you notice any change in the normal working of your equipment, contact professionals for HVAC repair in Phoenix soon.