What to Look for In Local HVAC Contractors Phoenix

Looking for Local HVAC Contractors Phoenix?

Do you need Local HVAC Contractors Phoenix to address a blistering summer and uncomfortable home? Although there are plenty of reputable HVAC contractors in the Phoenix area, not all specialize in the same things or have the experience and work ethic to back up their guarantees. Learn more about Lincoln Air’s HVAC services and how we can help with your repair, maintenance, or installation needs.

Lincoln Air Locan HVAC Contractors

Residential HVAC Contractors Phoenix

Choosing the right air conditioner and HVAC system for your home is a big decision that can impact your day to day comfort. Our specialists can help you decide what type of unit you need for your heating and cooling needs. And if you already have an air conditioning system, you still need regular service and maintenance to keep it in working order.

Residential HVAC Tune-Ups

Your HVAC needs regular tune-ups, just like your car. A reasonable flat fee will address your condenser and evaporator coils, drain lines, and electrical connections. In all, Lincoln Air uses a 19 point checklist to ensure your HVAC is in top working condition. Regular tune-ups are a small investment when they can save thousands in future repairs. 

Commercial HVAC Services

Do you own a business? Only work with local HVAC contractors Phoenix with extensive experience servicing commercial systems. Maintaining and repairing your commercial HVAC system can help extend your equipment’s life and identify broken wires and parts. Employees are also less productive when working in hot, stuffy buildings and need a comfortable environment to thrive.

Lincoln Air can also help keep your manufacturer’s warranty current and help protect your commercial building’s structural components. With the right contractors, regular service can help maintain your indoor temperatures, keep your staff safe, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

HVAC Contractors in Phoenix

AC Replacement and Installation

Phoenix summers are not for the faint of heart and require a top-notch HVAC system. You need a working air conditioner that maintains its efficiency and keeps you comfortable. A broken or inefficient air conditioner can also drive your energy bills sky-high. Work with the team at Lincoln Air to help you upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. We can work with your budget to develop the best recommendation for your home with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Air Scrubbers

Local HVAC contractors Phoenix Lincoln offer Air Scrubber Technology to reduce odors, microbial populations on surfaces, and visible smoke in the air. The technology employs ActivePure Technology that leverages a UV light that creates an oxidation process. The end result is purified air that attacks surface contaminants.

Mini Split

A mini-split system can replace the need for traditional HVAC systems. These ductless and ducted cooling systems focus on individual rooms and living areas to maximize your home’s comfort and efficiency. Mini-split systems are more energy-efficient, flexible and create cooling zones for your convenience. They’re perfect for enclosed patios, large living spaces, home renovations, and areas without space for ductwork.

HVAC Financing

A blistering Phoenix heatwave can’t wait. You don’t have to spend a bundle upfront to get the HVAC system you need. Local HVAC contractors Phoenix offers financing options starting at 1.99% to get you up and running with the commercial or residential system you need. Our goal is to provide a stress-free process and the lowest interest rates possible with a fast turnaround for your HVAC service.

Local HVAC Contractors Phoenix

Work with experienced 5-star pros who care about the comfort and efficiency of your home. Your HVAC team should be courteous, reliable, and come prepared to tackle big and small cooling issues. Ready to explore local HVAC contractors Phoenix? Contact the pros at Lincoln Air to discuss all your residential and commercial HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation needs.