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Do you need help with your Local HVAC Systems Phoenix? Arizona’s heat is damaging to your health, comfort, and the way we do business. Just like your home appliances, HVACs also need regular maintenance and service. The team at Lincoln Air helps keep your units running efficiently. We can also recommend a new installation if needed. Faulty systems, poor airflow, uneven cooling, and unusual noises could be signs that your air conditioner needs repair or is in danger of failing.

Before your HVAC systems fall into disrepair, contact Lincoln Air to keep your home cool and comfortable.

AC Tune-Ups

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Tune-up services are affordable, straightforward, and help optimize your systems and extend their lifecycle. Our team uses a list of over 19 different checkpoints for all of your HVAC maintenance needs. Here are just some of the local HVAC systems Phoenix services we offer to keep your unit tuned up and ready to go.

Address condenser and evaporator coils

One of the easiest ways to tell if your air conditioning unit is failing is whether or not your home is cooling consistently. If your vent air is warm or inconsistent, you likely have an issue with your condenser and evaporator coils. Refrigerant leaks and odd noises are also signs that your coils and components are damaged or altogether broken.

Check drain line(s)

Clogged condensate drains trap water in your air conditioning systems and eventually turn your evaporator coil into ice. An icy drain line can quickly lead to long-term and costly damage. When the drain line also freezes, your entire HVAC unit may turn off and leave your home blistering hot.

Check refrigerant level and adjust the levels if needed

When the refrigerant level drops in your air conditioning unit, you will end up with ice on your refrigerant lines and evaporator coil. If your systems over-compensate to cool down your home, you could end up with costly compressor repair.

Check all electrical connections

Faulty electrical connections often lead to tripped circuit breakers and damaged equipment. Faulty connections require immediate attention to address the issue. The team at Lincoln Air can assess whether or not you have a bad fuse, capacitor, or a faulty thermostat.

Emergency Ac Repair Phoenix

Verify your home’s local HVAC systems Phoenix outflow

The inefficient outflow of cold and warm is a telltale sign your air conditioner is failing and needs repair. The team at Lincoln Air checks and verifies your home’s cooling and heating temperature to determine the energy efficiency of your unit.

The good news is a there could be savings involved in a total air conditioning replacement. You could be eligible for a tax credit when installing an ENERGY STAR-rated system. Contact Lincoln Air for more info.

Emergency HVAC Repair Services 

Local HVAC systems Phoenix is an emergency when the heat soars and your home is stifling hot. Small children, the elderly, and pets are especially vulnerable to soaring heat. Lincoln Air understands the urgency of a broken air conditioner and is standing by to handle your emergency repair.

New Local HVAC Systems Phoenix 

If your current HVAC system is more than a decade old, you may need a new air conditioner install before it gives out altogether. Speak with the team at Lincoln Air to discuss efficient options on the market that will lower your electric bills or even help you qualify for a tax credit. You’ll also stay comfortable year-round without worrying about sudden system failure.

There are many HVAC options on the market that probably weren’t available when you were shopping for a new unit. Today, the market offers systems like Split and Mini Split. These options maximize the heating and cooling you need in individual rooms and zones. A handy remote makes it easy for everyone in your family to control the temperature. You end up with a more efficient way to cool your home at a fraction of the cost.

Financing for Air Conditioning Repair

The team at Lincoln Air knows that dealing with costly repairs or a new air conditioning install can cause a financial strain. We offer financing options to ease the burden and create a sustainable plan.

Work with Lincoln Air

Lincoln Air has decades of experience with sustainable, cost-saving solutions for our customers. We help restore, repair, and install new systems to keep your home feeling comfortable year-round.

Ready to schedule your next service? Contact Lincoln Air to discuss your air conditioning repair Phoenix or a new installation at 623-587-9957.