Mini Split AC Phoenix

What Is a Mini Split System?

A mini split system is a superior alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Lincoln Air’s ductless and ducted cooling and heating systems focus on individual rooms and living spaces. Other systems take a central system’s one-size fits all approach to heating and cooling your rooms.

A mini split system is more energy-efficient, flexible, and simple to install. It’s easy to understand why ductless (or zoned) systems are the fastest growing segment of the American air-conditioning and heating market.

Lincoln Air’s products reduce energy costs and easily provide solutions for:


  • Hot and cold rooms
  • Enclosed patios
  • Larger living spaces
  • Home additions and renovations
  • Homes without space for ductwork
  • Entire home cooling and heating
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Benefits Of a Mini Split System

Mini split az

Better Air Quality

Ductless mini split

Constant Comfort

Mini split phoenix az

Energy Efficient

Mini Split AC

Mini Split AC

Ductless mini split phoenix az

Ductless mini split Phoenix AZ

Mini split AC phoenix

Mini split AC Phoenix

Mini split

Mini split

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How Mini Split Systems Work

Ductless heat systems pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to air-handling units through small pipes.

Each living space has its own air-handling unit, and each unit has its own wireless electronic temperature controller. Indoor units also use refrigerant in the coil to cool or heat air and quietly delivers where you need it in the living room space.

Outdoor units have an INVERTER-driven compressor pump that cools or warms refrigerant and sends it inside to an air handler through small pipes. Power and control wiring connects the outdoor to the indoor unit also. Wireless Controllers & Apps conveniently allow you to adjust temperature, fan speed, and more at the touch of a button.

, Ductless mini split AC systems are in high demand around Phoenix to help ease the burden of humidity and rising temperatures. These systems are widely used to cool commercial spaces as well as residential spaces. Here are just some of the reasons why mini split air conditioners are everyone’s favorite in Phoenix:

High operational Flexibility: Ductless mini split AC systems are available in both ceiling mounted ACs and wall-mounted versions. You can mount them directly on the wall and suspend them from the ceiling. With an unobtrusive design, users can stack it wherever they want.

Easy to maintain: Ductless AC systems are easy to maintain and can be removed to replace filters or clean without hassle. There’s no need to call a professional for mini split AC basic cleaning and you’ll only need help with repairs.

Energy-efficient: Mini split AC units help save you energy with its climate control setup. These systems are superior at reducing the costs of your electricity bills over traditional air conditioners.

Smart controls: With programmable smart inbuilt controls, mini split air conditioners perform at their very best. Due to their heating and cooling capabilities, they regulate room temperature more evenly than their traditional counterparts.

Improved air quality: As compared to regular air conditioners, mini split air conditioners focus on the small ducts to release a smooth flow of clean, fresh air.

Ductless AC systems do come at a price. The more costly they are, the cooler they get. But high cost doesn’t always mean low efficiency. Buying a ductless mini split AC is an excellent choice for environmentally friendly air conditioners. If you are also planning to buy a ductless mini split AC in Phoenix, make sure you buy it from quality HVAC contractors. Lincoln Air is always here to help.

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What Is a Diamond Comfort System?

Lincoln Air presents a total comfort solution for homeowners looking for efficient cooling systems. Regardless of the setup of your home, the Diamond comfort system always aligns with your comfort requirements. A Diamond Comfort System comes with a single air handler system.

The product is designed to provide both cooling and heating effects as per the temperature of your room. For a multi-level story home, two air handles are sufficient for regulating the cooling and heating of your home environment. We can also connect up to seven ducts with an outdoor unit along with the main air handler.

The Diamond Comfort System comes with both duct and duct-free options to provide a true home-zoned comfort solution. Replace your traditional HVAC to experience extra comfort at less cost. Whether you want to cool one room or the regulation of your entire floor, Diamond Comfort System has always proved to be the best option. Here are some of the reasons why you should also choose this system for your home.

Energy-saving: A Diamond Comfort System is more efficient in terms of energy saving over traditional air conditioners. Homeowners usually have the flexibility to choose which room they want to cool, resulting in a reduction of electricity bills.

Cleaner air: Equipped with the inbuilt mechanism of filtration, the system allows the passage of clean air which is free from bacteria and allergy-causing virus. So, it gives you clean air which is good for the health of your family.

Environmental Friendly:  Diamond Comfort system boasts an automatic control system to utilize and regulate energy usage. It’s proven to be one of the cleaner and greener systems of air conditioning and helps protect our planet.

Easy Installation: Available in modest design options, the Diamond Comfort System is easy to install and maintain. Once installed properly, you can always do basic cleaning without the need to call in a professional.

Virtually silent: One of the most attractive features of this system is that it does its job silently. Traditional units are loud and can disrupt the peace and tranquility of your home. 

Diamond Comfort System not only provides reliable air conditioning all year round, but also heats your rooms when the temperature drops. Along with the option of a multi-position air handler, Diamond Comfort System is known for its excellent and advanced home cooling. Our trained professionals can also customize your unit to your needs. Rest easy knowing Lincoln Air is here to service of all of your buying, installing, and repairing needs.

Big News!

Diamond Contractors are highly trained and can provide homeowners with extended warranties.

Mitsubishi’s warranty on all mini splits is 7 years for compressor and 5 years on parts. However, if you use one of our Elite Diamond Contractors, you get
12 Years on both systems! Contact us today to learn more.

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