Neighbors, most of us still have our old, inefficient A/C units that date back before 2010 and are probably needing to be replaced. The older R-22 Freon is currently being Phased Out and will be illegal to produce or have imported into the US on January 1, 2020.

Owners of R-22 Air Conditioners Will Have 3 Choices:

Do nothing until your system breaks and hopefully it doesn’t break  during the extreme heat of the summer.

Convert your old R22 equipment to use an existing refrigerant ( which is costly & not efficient)


BEST OPTION is to replace your system proactively, and there is no better time than NOW!
Lincoln Air has a Dealer Rebate and will give you $500 for your old, non efficient A/C unit(s).

Even if your air conditioner is  10 years old or less, you may save close to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. This means, like a lot of us here in the neighborhood, that our summer electric bill will be less, we save money and don’t have to worry about our A/C unit breaking down anytime soon. There are also new tax rules that let you deduct part or the entire cost of HVAC equipment & installation.

Now is the BEST TIME!

So if you think you might want to take action and advantage of the Limited Time Dealer Rebate of $500 please feel free to message us or call Lincoln Air at (623) 587-9957 or fill out the contact form and get a free quote.

Financing options available as low as $59 a month!


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