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Most households should have all of their drains cleaned at least once a year. However, this doesn’t mean that your drains won’t need to be cleaned more frequently if they’re prone to clogs and other issues. You also need drain cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ as a maintenance.

Depending on how often you have to deal with a clogged drain in your bathroom or kitchen, you might need weekly or even monthly cleaning. This won’t require you to call a plumber every week. But you might need to flush your drains with boiling water or an enzyme drain cleaner to prevent clogs from hair and grease.

If you’re not sure whether or not you require professional drain cleaning services, check for the following signs.

Slow Drains

If your sinks and bathtub are starting to drain slowly, you may have some buildup in your pipes. This could develop into a clog. Cleaning out your drains with a safe enzyme drain cleaner can solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

If your drains continue its slow drain, contact a plumbing professional. There might be a need for a drain cleaning company to address a more serious issue.

Standing Water

Standing water in your sinks or bathtub is a good sign that a drain is completely clogged. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fix this yourself, so you’ll need to contact a plumber to perform a drain snaking. This should break up the clog and allow water to flow through the drain again.

Water Damage

Frequent clogged drains and backups can cause water damage around its area. From it, mold can develop. The wastewater that hangs around can also spread some bacteria.

Cleaning your drains is a task that is easy to overlook. You most likely won’t know you have a plumbing problem until one or more drains in your house are hopelessly clogged. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned recently or you notice that water is draining more slowly than usual, contact Lincoln Air & Plumbing for a thorough drain cleaning in Scottsdale AZ today.

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